Class Visits

We are now offering an option for classes to visit us! These classes cater to local UPK, Daycare, Co-Op’s, or other organizations needing a break from the classroom on these cold winter days. We will focus on two types of classes.

Art and Artist: Study and craft of an Artist.

  • Read briefly about Jackson Pollock and look at some of his work. Work as a group with unusual art materials or techniques (string, splatter art) to make a group or individual works that reflect the same kind of work.
  • Read briefly about Michelangelo and look at some of his work. Work as a small group or individual and plan out masterpieces and then work under the table to paint/draw on the “ceiling.”

Materials Lab: All kinds of materials can be used to make art and experiment. In this workshop children will look at found and recycled materials and loose parts and create a collective or individual. First project will be: Recycled Art

  • Circle time instruction
  • Working toward a product either in a group or individually
  • Show-and-Share of the work allowing children to express themselves

Please feel free to share this news with local groups and schools. Classes are between 45 and 60 minutes long and start at $125. Morning and Afternoon times are available. Open play time also can be included.

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